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  • 描写动物的英语作文「精选3篇」

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    My favourite animal is the panda,is our"national treasure",bacause pandas nive,lovable and lively,it was very likr it.panda is an ancient animal,is a zoologist called "living fossile " long ago there were many pandas in china,panda bamoo living area has large flowers,dead,threatening the survival of giant pandas.The whole world is extremely concerned about the rare giant panda rescue and transfer work.due to the destruction of the natural balance,climate warming,fewer and fewer panda.Panda is one of endangered animals,now only found in China,Sichuan,Shaanxi,Gansu,people began to conserve this endangered species.Today,the number of pandas has increased,but there is still a long way to go.Care for animals,is to protect human,we should be animals as man's best friend,to care,to protect them.Protection of animals is a duty of each person,let us work together to protect the giant pandas,giving them a good home.


    The snake is a long and thin animal that lives in grass or other dark places.A snake has no legs or feet,but it can move very fast on its stomach.Snakes usually have green,yellow or black skins,which make them difficult for their enemies to find them.Some kinds of snakes live in water.They can swim as freely as fish.


    I like animals very much, such as horses, monkeys, cats, tigers and so on. But I like dogs best. Why? Because they are very cute and friendly.I have a white dog. Its name is Bobo. She is a female dog. She comes from Beijing, China. She has two big eyes and a small month. She wears white clothes. She often walks around at home. It has nothing to do. She likes eating ice-cream so much, So do I. When I eat ice-cream, she will look at the ice-cream carefully. So I will give her some to eat.

    The 我的双休日作文
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